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Renovating to Sell

Buy, remodel and sell, the steps seem simple. In reality, it requires much deeper knowledge and various skill set to be successful in renovating to sell. Paying too much for the property is just the beginning of many risks to come.

Renovating to sell is a risky business, especially in a volatile market, yet it can be highly rewarding. We perform thorough planning and utilize sophisticated analysis tool for each project. An initial assessment may simply begin with a set of preliminary questions that lay out the overall view of the project.

Things to be considered:

Where to find location with potential?

Who will provide financing?

How to keep the construction on budget?

What determines the price of the property?

 When will the project be completed?

The formula is basic: Price - Cost = Profit or Loss. But each parameter is influenced by various factors. 

At GEMBURG, we ensure that the result is Profit.